Flu Shots Q & A

Each and every year, millions of Americans get the flu. A simple flu shot can prevent sickness and spreading the flu. You can get your flu shots here at Walking Urgent Care, with no appointment necessary. Serving patients from Coral Springs, Parkland, Tamarac, Margate, North Lauderdale and Coconut Creek, FL.

Flu Shots Near Me in Coral Springs, FL
Flu Shots Near Me in Coral Springs, FL

When should you get a flu shot?

The flu shot is the best way of protecting yourself, your loved ones, and others from getting the flu. The flu isn’t a big deal for many people, but it can be a serious matter for others and even deadly for some. The shot can protect people and keep a community safe. It’s really easy to get a shot, especially if you go to urgent care where an appointment is never necessary.

You should get a flu shot before flu viruses begin to spread in your community. This typically happens in the fall (the flu season), and since it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to become effective, you should get your shot early in the fall or even during the summer. Just about everyone six months and older should get a flu shot every year.

Are there any side effects of getting flu shots?

Some people wonder or worry about the side effects of flu shots, but the effects are minimal, minor, and only temporary. Muscle aches, headache, fever, nausea, soreness, or swelling at the site of injection are possible side effects. Also, you cannot get the flu from the flu shot, so that isn’t something you should be worried about!

Flu shots are safe for almost all Americans, there’s been a lot of research done on them, and there’s a long safety record supporting them.

How long does a flu shot last?

The effects of a flu shot last throughout the flu season which is about six months. Next year, you just get another shot, then you’re protected for another season. It’s really convenient to get your shots done at urgent care, as an appointment is never necessary and you can just walk right in for your shot right on the spot!

What’s the process for getting a flu shot with urgent care?

At an urgent care clinic like Walking Urgent Care, you can just walk in for immediate service and ask for a flu shot. You won’t have to wait long, as urgent care has virtually no wait times. Once a doctor is ready to see you, they’ll ask you about your health, your health history, and possibly your family’s health history to make sure the flu shot is fine for you, and if so, the doctor will provide it. A simple injection is all that’s necessary. It’s very likely that your health plan will cover your flu shot. After you’re done, you can go home.

Do you provide flu shots near me?

Walking Urgent Care provides flu shots, and we’re located over at 10308 W Sample Road Coral Springs, FL 33065. We’re open for you and everyone else in your family every day of the week. You’re welcome to call us if you have any questions for us, or you can book an appointment with us online, but you don’t have to call or book with us if you need a flu shot. Instead, just come visit us for your shot, and bring the family with you if you all need your shots! We’ll take care of you right away and have you back home just as quickly.

We look forward to your visit with us here at Walking Urgent Care!