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Telemedicine Visits Q&A

Telemedicine is the delivery of distant medical care through real-time two-way contact between the patient and the medical professional through electronic audio and visual techniques. To ensure the safety of our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Naseh Nawabi and his team of medical professionals are offering telehealth services at Walking Urgent Care. For more information, contact us or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 10308 W Sample Road Coral Springs, FL 33065.

Telemedicine Visits Near Me in Coral Springs FL
Telemedicine Visits Near Me in Coral Springs FL

Table of Contents:

What is a telemedicine consultation?
How is a telemedicine consultation done?
When is a telemedicine consultation necessary?
Do we offer telemedicine consultations in Coral Springs, FL?

We are now offering telemedicine through ZOOM

  • We are now seeing new patients and existing patients via telemedicine. Give us a call to schedule a time.
  • The visit will be on Zoom, we will provide a meeting ID number and passcode.
  • You will immediately get connected with a provider. All new patients can fill out the form on our website.
  • The hours we are available: Mon-Fri: 8am-9pm, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 10am-4pm
What is a telemedicine consultation?

Telemedicine is a type of healthcare that’s offered remotely. With a telemedicine consultation, you’ll be able to speak with a doctor about your health and then receive at-home healthcare. This kind of consultation is really convenient and often less expensive than a face-to-face consultation. You can still receive advice, diagnosis, and treatment for a:

• Minor injury like a simple strain or sprain
• Rash, sunburn, skin infection, etc.
• Urinary tract infection or another infection
• Non-life-threatening respiratory issue
• Condition that causes you pain like arthritis
• Allergy or mild allergic reaction
• Minor flu case
• Or another common, minor health issue

For flu-like symptoms, it’s always best and even necessary to have a telemedicine consultation because it takes away the risk of infecting others in-person. Also, telemedicine is often more convenient anyways, as it can provide remote urgent care and primary care services like:

• Workers’ comp services
• Visual physical exams
• Referrals for seeing specialists
• Family health and wellness services
• Prescription meds
• And more urgent care and primary care services

How is a telemedicine consultation done?

There are two ways of having a telemedicine consultation. One is to have a virtual consultation via video conference, and the other is to have a phone consultation. The virtual consultation has a lot of advantages, though, like being able to actually see the physician and receive a visual evaluation. For a virtual consultation, you’ll need the following:

• A device with a camera and/or microphone, like a computer or smartphone
• An internet connection

With these two things, you’re ready for a virtual consultation, or you can have a phone consultation if you don’t have those items. Here’s how a telemedicine consultation is typically done:

• The patient connects with a physician in a video conference/phone call
• The patient discusses their symptoms and health with the doctor
• The doctor provides a visual evaluation if applicable
• The doctor provides a diagnosis and recommends a treatment like a prescription

Sometimes it may be necessary for you to go to the doctor’s clinic for testing or treatment. If we need you to come to the Walking Urgent care for any of our services, and if there’s a risk of getting sick or making other people sick, then we may be able to provide the service or services at our clinic’s curbside.

When is a telemedicine consultation necessary?

Whenever there’s a risk of infecting other people or getting infected yourself, it’s best and necessary to have a telemedicine consultation. In a situation like that, to minimize the risks, please have a telemedicine consultation. With viral infections, it’s really important to be especially careful, as viruses can be very contagious. Also, have a telemedicine consultation if you believe your driving may be impaired for any reason.

Do we offer telemedicine consultations in Coral Springs, FL?

Yes, we do! Walking Urgent Care is your local provider of urgent care, and we offer telemedicine consultations for patients in the Coral Springs area and beyond. It’s easy to get started; just give us a call or go ahead and book your consultation with us online. We look forward to seeing you soon!