Lab Testing Services Questions and Answers

Lab testing services can be needed for any number of reasons. At Walking Urgent Care, we provide onsite lab services that are easy and convenient for our patients, and can provide immediate results. For more information, give us a call or book an appointment online for our lab test services.

Lab Testing Services Near Me in Coral Springs, FL
Lab Testing Services Near Me in Coral Springs, FL

Can I go to an Urgent Care for Lab Testing Services?

An urgent care center is intended to be used for the treatment of urgent medical concerns that cannot wait to be booked in with a family doctor or primary care physician. While many urgent care centers do have onsite laboratory services, they are generally reserved for tests being requested by the urgent care doctors. For patients looking to simply complete an existing requisition for lab testing services, they can contact the lab separately to see if they are able to accommodate patients not connected to the urgent care center. This will vary based on the lab. Walking Urgent Care is an urgent care center that does have an onsite laboratory that offers its testing services to patients not associated with the urgent care. If you require testing to be done, give our lab a call to get more information on the availability of walk-in services or to book an appointment. For patients only requiring lab testing, we would ask that you not go through the urgent care system in order to keep our doctors and staff available for patients who need urgent medical care and attention. Patients who are in need of medical attention and that will require lab testing will be sent to the onsite lab as part of the diagnosis stage of their visit, without having to make a separate lab appointment.

What Lab Testing Services can an Urgent Care Provide?

Urgent care centers can provide many lab testing services to accommodate the various medical concerns that they see. These types of tests are performed using urine or blood samples, as well as nose and throat swabs, as they are quick and easy to obtain from patients, while still providing enough data for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. The tests available will depend on the equipment available in the lab and the trained staff on hand, but most tests should be covered using these types of samples. If the doctor isn’t able to make a firm diagnosis through the urgent care lab, they may send the patient for additional testing that could potentially be more invasive and usually requires the consultation of a specialist. At Walking Urgent Care, we provide lab testing for a wide variety of reasons, conditions and ailments, including COVID-19, sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial and viral infections, physical exams for school or work, urinary tract infections, pregnancy tests and any number of other tests that can be performed and analyzed in a lab. If you are looking for a specific test, give the lab a call and find out if they provide that particular service.

Where can I get Lab Testing Services in Coral Springs, FL?

There are many options available for lab testing services in Coral Springs, FL, and Walking Urgent Care is one of them. Located at 10308 W Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL 33065, we have an onsite lab that services our urgent care doctors and patients, and can also be used by patients not under the care of one of the doctors in the urgent care clinic. Priority service will be given to those patients who are being seen and attended to by one of our urgent care doctors, but we do provide appointments for anyone requiring lab testing services in the Coral Springs, FL area. We offer a wide variety of lab tests, with many of them being analyzed onsite following the test sample being taken so that patients or their prescribing doctor can get the test results immediately. To learn more about the lab services we offer or to book an appointment, please give us a call. We will be happy to help you out with your lab testing needs. We serve patients from Coral Springs FL, Parkland FL, Tamarac FL, Margate FL, North Lauderdale FL, and Coconut Creek FL.